Coming out of Hibernation!


Happy Sunday Friends!

With the last few months being totally miserable I’m not going to lie, I lost my fashion mojo!!
If I’d have got away with tying my duvet round me and claiming it was haute couture, I would have!

However…..I’m getting back from the Christmas flubber and I’m all about the fashion again! My new 2016 wardrobe is taking shape rather nicely! (Big cheesy grin!!)

There’s two styles I am fashioning so far this year

Casual Chic and Sophisticated Chic

Either way…….It’s gona be Chiiiiiiiiic!

There’s no room for slumming it in my wardrobe! I always think what you wear determines your mood. Looking chic and smart will give you that confidence and energy to take on the day! I feel I have the right to say this considering I have spent a large portion of January and the start of February in fleece pjs! The moment I got through the door in the evening my trousers were off before I reached the top of the stairs and the Dinosaur fleece bottoms were on! Did it make me feel energised and chic? Nope… made me want to eat donuts, whilst snoozing and want to watch Jurassic Park over and over!  Whilst we’re sharing here, I will tell you (I’m not proud of this) there were times when showering felt an unnecessary chore!

So, I gave myself a kick up the arse, spent a day internet shopping, created the start of my 2016 wardrobe and came to life again…… like a chic, energised butterfly! Ok, I’m maybe not quite a butterfly, more like a death head moth….but it just so happens I really like them rocknroll little twerps!

Starting a wardrobe for a new year takes some amount of shopping…..and money. I had to think about this strategically…..what staple items could I buy that would help me achieve both my casual and sophisticated looks?! Well, I shall tell you:

Longer length blazer – Check!
Leather Skinny Trouser – Check!
High Heeled Courts – Check!
Deep V Neck Tshirt – Check!
Fashion (not workout) Trainers – Check!

These are perfect staple pieces for day or evening! I ruddy love it!

Here’s two looks I love, using these staple pieces, and my favourites ones from the high street (all hanging beautifully in my wardrobe):


Zara V Neck Tshirt
Zara Crepe Blazer
House of CB Black and White Pointy Pump
Riverisland Black Skinny Leather Look Trouser
Adidas Superstar 80’s Metal Toe
Converse All Star High Top
Zara Faux Leather Biker Trouser

I have to tell you, I have worn heels like these forever now and my feet are medically dead….. but for those who suffer from that horrific burning of not only your soles but your inner soul and make you pray to god that on the way home you’ll come across a cold, damp patch of grass so you can start gliding across it to relieve the burn (we’ve all been there), then these House of CB shoes are the answer! These are the perfect height and are honestly the most comfortable heels I have worn on a night out!
I was able to cut shapes all night without doing that thing where you stand like a flamingo for 5 minutes to give each foot a break from the burning! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!

I got these Adidas beauts for Christmas and they are Ah – Maze- Ziiiiiing!
I would recommend going down half a size and invest in that weird voodoo suede protector thing where they can’t get wet! I did ,because I can’t be trusted! Also because I was wasting my life looking out the window, waiting for a break in the rain to go out wearing them! If only I knew about this stuff sooner……I lost 3 weeks of my life!

The wardrobe is growing with pieces to mix up these looks. I added some gorgeous Riverisland Biker Jeans and a new Warehouse Faux Leather Jacket.

I had to find the perfect bag which would be good for day and evening and this Riverisland Suede handbag was perfect with a long over the shoulder strap for day and short handles for evening.  

My next purchase will be a chic knit jacket and I think I found just the perfect one from Warehouse to wear out on a shopping day!



I’d like to say this will curb my impulsion to shop for some time, but, It won’t! It does however make me want to get dressed and face the world again, rather than slob in my pyjamas….and that is the real victory here!

Get Cape, Wear Cape, FUR!!


What a horribly wet Monday!

So what better way to spend your Monday evening than picking a nice winter jacket to wrap yourself up in, in this cold weather!

Ok, so these may not be the most practical for pouring rain, but fashion wasn’t meant to be practical! So let’s pretend that winter is just nice crisp, chilly days and not wet and miserable days like today……it was a one off!

I have, as always, plucked the most amazing pieces from the high street to help you on the way to looking gorgeously wrapped up this winter!

This winter is about 3 things for me:

1. Capes
2. Shaggy thick knits
3. Faux Fur

Waterproofs unfortunately are not on the list… you either have to call in sick when it rains or refuse to go anywhere unless you are driven to the front door!

Here are some of my favorites from the High Street!……


Capes are so sophisticated whilst also remaining edgy! These are great for a Saturday afternoon lunch date, worn with over the knee boots and over sized shopper! Perfect Combo! Effortlessly Chic!!!


I am obsessed with thick shaggy knits just now!!
These are amazing for dressing up a casual outfit! Wear with uber skinny jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and converse or Adidas superstar!

I am in love with the Riverisland Black and White Shaggy Knit! I’d put it on the Christmas list if I could wait that long! I would happily accept early Christmas Gifts if anyone was feeling particularly generous this Monday night!
These require little accessorizing or work! Wear with a simple messy bun and laid back make up… are good to go!


I LOVE FUR! It is a fetish of mine…….that and velvet! I would have loved the 70’s with all their perverted materials!

There is nothing more rocknroll, edgy and stylish than a good fur!

You HAVE to have a good fur item in your wardrobe!……I have several!

The good thing about fur is the fact you can dress it edgy with a casual skinny jean and Chelsea boot or dress it up with skinny jeans and a pair of uber high stiletto heels! AHHHHH-MAAAAAAAY-ZING!

Nothing makes me feel more like Kate Moss than chucking on my fur! So much so you’ll find me walking around Edinburgh chipping champagne, smoking a Marlborough, asking people where the nearest house party is!………on a Wednesday morning!
I must find that level of Kate Moss-ness that doesn’t take me to the crazy side!!!

One thing about Fur……Don’t be scared of it! Not in the way that I think you all believe it will suddenly come to life and maul you but in the way that not everyone feels confident enough to wear it! Well, I say, WEAR THE FUR! You can all rock it, every one of you…. it’s just about what you do with it! Fur can easily be dressed down….the key is, simplicity!
The Fur speaks for itself so go plain and simple….make it uber chic and go all black……Tis my favourite!

Now we have you sorted for your winter wardrobe I have a completely non related story to tell you which made me smile today whilst blogging and watching Jurassic World (for the 100th time).
When I was younger (say 17 years old) my nan was a form of amusement for me…..not in a malice way, I loved her dearly! But she was always pretty eccentric and wasn’t your conventional grandparent!
I remember I left your house one day chuckling to myself at the fact she had cut off her jeans to make jeans shorts, she was wearing a Jurassic Park T-shirt tucked into the shorts, wearing black Loafers and had her standard white/grey blunt bob.

Only now, at the age of 31 do I fully appreciate just how damn cool and amazing she was! I mean, that is one cool lady! Completely unappreciated in her time!!

Happy Monday, friends! xxx






Autumn is AWESOME!

Autumn is upon us friends!!

It may be gloomy, cold and wet but it is still my favorite season! For what reasons…..

1. The cosy nights in watching films

2. Dark Nights (Allows for me to go to bed at 8:30pm and not feel guilty!)

3. THE FASHION!!!!!!

What is not to love?!

The thick knits with skinny jeans and over the knee boots! Oversized scarves with chic leather jackets! AND…


I have spent the last couple of months building up my A/W wardrobe and I can not wait for the cold weather to hit! ……but not snow……thigh high boots aint’s for snow!!!

Let’s break down my essential Autumn wardrobe….


Nothing is more chic than a gorgeous pair of thigh high boots!
These speak for themselves, so require very little accessorizing! Keep it simple! Wear them with some gorgeous blue denim and a thick knit jumper! So simple, understated but SEXUAL!!!! (In a good and absolutely not creepy way!).

If you are slightly shorter or not too keen on the over the knee boot, you can not go wrong with a chic heeled ankle boot!!! The heeled ankle boot and skinny jean are the original power couple…..Beyonce & Jay Z, Brad & Angelina, Paul & Barry Chuckle….. Take note!!!!!

image image


Ok, so, they may not show off those bods but that’s the beauty…. They are effortlessly chic and fashionable. The beauty of their simplisity is that you can get away with wearing a mega pair of heels and uber skinny jean and it still doesn’t feel too over dressed.

It’s a perfect first date outfit or lunch with the girls outfit!! It’s uber sophisticated without even trying!!! ANNNNNND…….it means we can flake on some of those meta fit classes for a few months




I love all things hairy this time of year!!!! If I don’t look like Cruella Deville I’m not happy!!! (Without the ill treatment of Dalmatians I’ll add!…. I don’t condone that behavior)

I purchased myself the most gorgeous yeti chic jacket from topshop and haven’t stopped wearing it… I’m in love!!! It’s perfect for casual and dressy……I’d risk being mistaken for a yeti and harpooned to wear’s perfection

 For the chic, classy, power dressing moments in life I had to buy some black fur! and Nothing’s screams these three things more than this amazing Zara fur collar waist coat! Oh la la!

I definately feel like a less deranged and more modern day version of Cruella in this!!! Mission complete!





the v neck tees are ironed and folded away for the next 6 months! It’s the dawn of a new age….. The age of the blouse/tunic!!!

Nothing goes better with EVERYTHING than a sheer blouse or deep v tunic!!!

They will conquer your wardrobe, satisfy your fashion cravings, give you that sexy power style that you have searched longingly for….. Stand with me my friends and face the dawn of the new age…..THE BLOUSES AND TUNICS (loud earthly crashes and bangs!!)

I got a bit carried away with the whole visual movie scene there but what I’m trying to say is… Swap your vests and tshirts for these!! You need these in your life!!


ABM_1445679598 ABM_1445679774 ABM_1445679945 ABM_1445679906

This for now, is enough to build our autumn wardrobes….. When we are fully in the midst of it all, I’ll bring you more inspiration! but in the mean time, focus on effortless.

Summer is about being preened, well oiled, over done looks.

Autumn is chic, stylish and edgy!

Don’t be scared to wear those towering heels, but dress them down…. Make it look like you rolled out of bed looking fabulous and didn’t spend hours perfecting a look (Even though we most likely will, people just don’t need to know that!!!).

Think Kate Moss, The Olsens, Alexa Chung and Emmanuelle Alt! …….and Cruella Deville of course!!!





A woman’s right to shoes


I, Louise of Black skinny jeans, am an addict.

My addiction?!……!

The problem has now increased to dramatic proportions with me buying several of the same shoe in different colours!
But here’s the thing……If Office Shoes keep making these amazing shoes, I will keep buying them! I need them, I must have them, I need all the shoes!!!!

It started with me looking for a new pair of ‘going out’ shoes.
My friend made me try on a pair of black Parisian Lace Up Ghillie Sandals and I was instantly hooked! I wore them out and spent the evening looking at my feet or walking up to strangers and starting a conversation with “Hi, I’m Louise, and these are my new shoes! Do you want to touch them?!”

They kept me going for a little while, but the urge was too strong, I needed more! So, I raided my savings and brought myself the nude. The relief, I had another pair! When could I wear these? Who cares, I’ll wear them round the house, to the corner shop, to the gym…… didn’t matter, so long as we were together!

The craving was satisfied and I was happy I wouldn’t fall of the wagon again.

Then……..whilst taking my afternoon peruse through Instagram, it happened!
Instagram Account: ‘Office Shoes’
Post Content: Thee shoes, in Snake SKin!

Before I knew what was happening I was logging into my Office Account and hitting ‘Add to basket’.
I was shaking! These were the adonis of the Parisian Lace Up Ghillie Sandal. Sure the one’s before them were beautiful, but these were a different league! Surely once I had these I would feel my life was complete! I wouldn’t need anymore, I would get out while it was good!

Until1……………Office Shoes announced that the Vibrant Multi Strap shoe was back in leopard print! Noooooooooooooooooooooo! When would it stop. Could I resist, did I really need them? Of course I did ! Think of the chic afternoon cocktails where heels would be too over dressed and a classy pair of flats were a necessity! So, with this, I brought them last night!

I think at this point, it is important to show you just how beautifully addictive these shoes are………..


Parisian Lace Up Ghillie Sandal
Vibrant Multi Strap

Now, I may not have any money left to go anywhere socially to wear them, but if anyone wants to come round to visit me and the shoes, you are more than welcome.

My addiction aside, these shoes are incredible! They look amazing with a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans. I go simple with my outfit with these, as I let the shoes do the talking. My favourite outfit for these shoes is a pair of black, slightly washed out, skinny jeans with zips at the ankles. A deep v-neck t-shirt and a fitted blazer. Accompanied by a gorgeous clutch. Chic and cool!

Topshop Zip Ankle Jamie Jeans
Topshop Double Collar Blazer
Topshop Skinny V-Neck Tee
Zara Leather Clutch with Fringe
Topshop Double Collar Blaze

Now, I know people frown upon my shoe collection. I can only imagine the comments of concern and sadness for my soul. The conclusion that I am trying to fill a void in my life….the fact is, I just really like shoes! 

One of my favourite episodes of ‘Sex in the City’ is ‘A woman’s right to shoes’ when Carrie Bradshaw is judged by a friend for how much she loves her shoes and how much she spends on them.

I will leave you with (a slightly adapted) quote from Carrie.

“The fact is. Sometimes it’s hard to walk in another woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”


One True Love, Fashion!

I’m not a fan of Valentines Day, but I certainly don’t say no to gifts!! The concept of the day is pretty cringey, but the part that includes the exchanging of gifts I can get on board with! Hopefully this will bring some light relief to the copious amounts of slushy posts you will see plastered on Instagram and Facebook today.

I thought I would boycott today and make it a day for those who…..

As you know by now, my heart has, and always will, belong to RocknRoll Chic Fashion!

So I thought I would bring you some inspiration, in hope you too will find love in all things fashion, chic and monochrome! Above all, I hope a new look inspiration will help bring out that strong, slightly kooky, sexy lady  and help you fall widely in love with yourself, because every girl should love themselves and their life!

These pieces are so chic and sexy, every guy tonight will wish you were theirs and all you will focus on is how in love with your shoes you are! Who needs a man when you have great shoes!!!!



Nails Inc – Alexa Leather
Riverisland Black Sleeveless Embellished Vest
Topshop Premium Leather Embossed Pouch
Topshop Washed Black Jamie Jeans
Topshop Double Collar Blazer
Topshop Spliced Maxi Skirt
Topshop Gala Snake Effect Mules


Nails Inc – Mayfair Lane
Riverisland Grey Contrast Mesh Raglan Sleeve Tshirt
Topshop Suede Boxy Biker Jacket
Topshop Cropped Crepe Jacket
Riverisland Grey Wash Ripped Amelie Superskinny Jeans
Topshop Perfect Premium Ghillie Shoes
Nails Inc – Victoria Beckham Bamboo White

I already have half of this collection and will be working on collating the rest of them over the next  month! But if anyone wishes to gift me any of these for valentines day, you’d make a girl reeeeeal happy!

Whilst I aints too much of a fan of this whole Valentines Malarkey, I will finish with one of my favourite love related quotes, spoken by the Queen of Fashion herself, Kate Moss!

Whether it be a Guy, a Girl, Music or Fashion…..Whatever you love with passion, this quote is perfection!

Hello 2015

Hi Pals.

I am sure you have all been nursing some horrific hangovers for the first few days of 2015 and have spent the rest of the time setting goals, resolutions and targets, as we all do at this time of year!

My main goal for 2015 is to focus all my energies back into the blog and bring you lovely people copious posts throughout the week!

Whilst I can’t help with your aspirations for work or love, I can help to provide some inspiration for some fashion and beauty related goals, which will help rejuvenate you and create a new you for 2015.

Here are some of my ideas for ways you can create a new you and things you should do or should change for 2015!



So many people begrudge spending money on work clothes, but I am the opposite! You spend most your time at work so why not actually look forward to getting ready for work every day by changing your wardrobe!

Make a statement, stand out from the rest, make yourself ooze with confidence! If there is one thing you do this year, let it be to focus on your work wardrobe. Just because you are at work, doesn’t mean you have to change who you are and be boring!

I love nothing more than to add a bit of rock chic to my outfits but remaining professional and smart. You can’t go wrong with some strong chic Monochrome pieces!My work wardrobe is a selection of just that! And of course, nothing is better than a killer pair of heels!

Here’s some of my favourite pieces on the high street I would recommend to start building that new wardrobe! This is how you power dress!


Topshop Minimal Culotte Jumpsuit
Riverisland Black Window Pane Print Cigarette PantsRiverisland Navy Stripe High Neck Body Con Dress
Topshop Black Wrap Blouse
Warehouse Off Shoulder Jumpsuit
Topshop Gallop Suede Court Shoes
Topshop Asymmetric Wrap Dress
Zara Handbag




I am scheduled in to get a hair revamp this week. Nothing is better than a restyle to start the year!

I have decided to go for the chop! The short, messy bob is in right now and is so fresh and chic for spring! With celebs going for the chop I thought there is no better time to do it. After years of dying and changing my hair I thought it might be time to lob it off and start again!

Those who prefer longer hair, why not try a new colour or different styling. The loose waves are in this spring too, so why not get practicing with a wave wand to give yourself a new look.





Whilst I know make up can be expensive, I promise you this. When you change to a professional make up product, it will change your life! I converted to Bobbi Brown and Mac about 10 years ago and never looked back! It changed the way I applied make up and made me feel like a different person.

I know that every morning when I apply my make up, that it will last all day and look just as good by the time I get home.

I do however, now have an unhealthy obsession with buying make up, but that’s not the point!

These products below are my essentials! These are always in my make up bag.

Spending extra money on these products will really change the way you feel about applying make up. It no longer feels like a chore and sad as this sounds, I actually enjoy applying my make up every day! God, that is sad isn’t it!

Nude pink lipstick is huge for spring. Bobbi Brown have an amazing collection of Matt Lipsticks and my favourite colour is Pale Mauve. You HAVE to get yourself one!

As well as changing your make up one thing you should do this year is invest in good make up brushes. This is the secret to your make up looking flawless and fixing it so it lasts all day. I get my brushes from Crown Brushes, a professional Make Up Artist site. The brushes are such high quality for such a low price. This basic brush set is only £29.99 and has all the basics you need. The Basic range is my favourite. Having a good foundation brush and powder brush will change your life! God I love make up!!


 Smashbox Bronzer
Mac Powder Blush
Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette
Bobbi Brown Lipstick
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Powder
Crown Brushes – Basic Set

It’s so important to look after your skin. We spend so much on make up we forget about spending the money on products to help give us beautiful, flawless skin without the need for make up!

Ok, so I am guilty of neglecting my own skin, and going to bed with my make up on after a drunken little night! However, I have recently started to take more care of it, especially after so much partying, and I’m already noticing a difference.

Let’s start now and by summer we will have that natural, flawless skin we have always wanted.

As well as my favourite skin care products there is nothing better than the age old method of drinking water! It’s probably time we re-hydrated our pruned little bodies after copious amounts of drink over Christmas! Nothing will clear your skin better than regularly drinking water! The best thing about that, is that it’s free!!!


 Boscia Luminizing Black Mask
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream
Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover
Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Skin Kit




Life can get awfully hectic at times and you hear yourself saying “I never have the time!”. Well this year, I think we put a stop to that! It’s so important to take time for yourself and relax.
This year I have set a goal to write the book I’ve always wanted to write. As well as that I plan to take more time to read, listen to music and draw. All the things I love to do but ‘never have the time’!

Whatever it is you love to do, make some time to do it this year! Make some more time for you!!




OK, so I know you will be sick of the sight of alcohol but hear me out!

Life can be so serious and people get so caught up in things, that they forget to have fun.

I turned 30 (gulp) last year and had had enough of people telling me to settle down, to have children and to grow up! That life is not for everyone!

The fact is, I like to party, I like to act up, I like adventures and I really like rum!!

It’s OK to go out and have fun, get drunk, act silly, look for adventures and stay out til the sunrise, because life is too short to follow the crowd and to do what society tells you to.

The best stories never started with “So I went to bed at 9pm”!
They started with “So we stayed out til sunrise…..”.

Make as many memories as you can and make them stories that people will keep asking you to tell!

I live my life by asking myself “what would Kate Moss or Alison Mosshart do?!”.
The answer to that would be…

Christmas Sales – Broke and Broken!

Happy belated Christmas my friends! I was held back from blogging by glugging on Prosecco and eating far too much!

Christmas time is usually a time where people opt for glitter, sequins, sparkles and colour. I, in exceptional Grinch style, opt for, all black!

My Christmas pile was a beautiful display of monochrome pieces!  Not a sparkle or colour in sight! That Santa chap knows me so well.

Just a beautifully black collection of skinny jeans, jackets and tops! Accompanied by some wonderfully white underwear sets, PJs and beauty products!

The Saturday after Christmas, just 2 days after the festive little punk had showered me with gifts, I took myself off to Edinburgh and braved the shops!
Now, usually, I stay clear of sales rails! But this year, as I screwed my face up at the disorganised and frightening racks in Topshop, watching people tug and throw clothes everywhere, I spotted a beautiful, black coat!
There was no way this was in the sale?! There must be a mistake?! It wasn’t!
My heart started to beat, the crazy shopper took over and I pushed my way forward, grabbing at the coats, frantically trying to find a size 8!

NOOOOO! No size 8! Curse you Louise, for not getting up at stupid o’clock Boxing day to face the sales. But hang on, that size 18 looks awfully small……….grabbing the label in my hand, I couldn’t look! Surely I couldn’t be so lucky to find an 8 hanging on the wrong hanger?!
Opening one eye, I looked down at the label! YAAAAAAASSSSSSS! It’s an 8! An 8!

And that children, is the story about how I acquired myself a pretty amazing coat!!!!


Venturing away from the sales before the crazy shopper took me over to the point of no return, I found an amazing little funnel neck knitted jumper. Black, of course! How chic, I thought! This would look amazing with my skinny jeans and new coat! So I skipped off to the till with my new peices, feeling all smug and proud of my finds!


I skipped down Prince’s street like a fool in love and made a stop off at Office! Just a browse tis all!

Then, I found these beautiful specimens!

Slide1These Office Mercy Chelsea Boots were too irresitable! So, no, they weren’t in the sale, but they are so pretty I just had to have them!

Ok, I was done! I was broke, and slightly broken by the crazy shoppers, so I took myself off home with my new purchases, ready to introduce them to the family!

Here they are, in all their glory! With a hair tuck to finish of the look!



The moral to this story boys and girls, is never over look a sales rail and all black is damn cool!



Christmas Party Time!……Glitter, Shine and Lots of Wine!


Where have I been I hear you all ask?! Well, I have been an extremely busy girl this year with working and gaining Qualifications, so Louise has been a slightly dull girl of past months. However, I have made it my focus, that for 2015, it is all about the blog!

Of course, with Christmas close, It was the perfect time to get back to it and the fact that the blog is now 2 years old! Yey!

With all those Christmas party invites building, I couldn’t leave you all stuck for things  to wear!

Lets get to it!

If you are going to wear sparkles, make sure you do it right. It’s everywhere in the shops and if you go overboard you can end up looking like a 5 year old’s home made Christmas card rather than a chic office worker on a night out. Limit the sparkle!!!
If you go for a sequin or sparkly dress, tone it down with block color accessories.
Suede is a great material for your accessories when wearing sparkles. Leather can be too harsh against the sparkle, but suede is the perfect, softer, match.

As always, not even the festive period can bring me out of my world of Black and White. It’s all about how to accessorise the outfit to make it more festive.
This season is perfect for the red or deep burgundy lip and nail! The Butter London Nail Polish and Lipgloss is just perfect for this season! Gorgeous!

The jumpsuits I have listed would look perfection with a dark lip and side parted hair with a chic wave through it. Peeeeeeerfection! I am all about the arm cuffs and again, these could accompany these jumpsuits perfectly.

I have the Warehouse Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit for my Christmas night out and plan to wear it exactly as described above. Of course by 10pm I shall have lipstck all over my face, crazy cave woman hair and probably the hic ups, but still, it’s my plan!

The clutch bag is the perfect Christmas Party accessory! It’s so chic and will dress up any outfit! This Zara clutch is to die for! I will most definitely be adding this to my outfit! I can’t resist a bit of animal print (Grins as she adds to basket!)

We all know I’m not a dress kinda gal, but I know some of you ladies are! When I think of what dress to buy, I think, Kate Moss. Would would she wear so that she still looks rocknroll and not too girly.
I think I have the answers here for you!
I zoned in on my inner Kate Moss and thought, “She’d go short, fitted and chic – not girly!” and then, I found these!

The Topshop Off the shoulder dress is great for the office party!
The black keeps it rocknroll and chic. Wear it with a pair of patent courts and a clutch and you would be the talk of the party!……and not for the bad reasons, like Casey the receptionist, who just dropped the F bomb when speaking to the boss and then spilled her Malibu and Coke all over his shirt! (We’ve all been there Casey!).

The Topshop Sequin dress is also gorgeous. Yes it’s a lot of sequin, but it’s also animal print! That makes it the right amount of rocknroll for me!
Wear with a black clutch and courts and you have the perfect amount of sparkle for your Christmas Party!



Warehouse Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit
Riverisland Black Necklace Trim Draped Cami
Topshop Two-Toned Sequin Body Con Dress
Zara Combined Clutch Bag
Accessorize Skinny Arm Cuff Bracelet
Topshop Embellished Off Shoulder Dress
Riverisland Black Necklace Trim Body Con Dress


Topshop Embellished Bandeau JumpsuitBobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette
Riverisland Cream Mock Croc Print Embellished Crop Jacket
Topshop Two – Tone Sequin Tee
Butter London La Moss Nail Polish
Butter London La Moss Lippy Liquid Lipgloss
Topshop Bandeau Tunic
Accessorize Spiral Arm Cuff

There are a couple of other ideas in there for you girls, so hopefully you’ll find something for that party! The main thing is, don’t stress! You’ll find something, it’s just about picking the right accessories and the perfect hair style to match.

After all, it’s been a long year, we’ll all get stupidly drunk and all the weeks of searching will be worthless, because you’ll delete all photos of you the next day, due to the fact you look like a hot mess!! But that my friends, is what the Christmas Party is for!

30 is the New Black!!


Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.

You will be pleased to know my studies are now finished for another 6 months which means Sunday’s will now be a day of writing numerous blog posts, rather than sticking my head in my books and frantically writing an assignment!! Hooray!

Two weeks time marks a rather big, depressing milestone for me! I will be waving good bye to my 20’s and entering a new chapter of my life as a 30 year old female! Gahhhh!

I didn’t think the whole age thing would bother me, but for some profound reason, I am brinking on a mid life crisis! When the day comes I know I will be completely over this freak out, but this lead up is a killer!
I am frantically trying to rejuvenate my look, sorting through hundreds of unworn items in my wardrobe and filling the spaces with new “I’m a cool 30 year old who will not be tamed and can still rock the shiz out of it” garments!

It’s not the actual age that bothers me! I think its the monotonous, mind numbing questions and pressures a 30 something female is subjected to. The one’s that consist of

I happen to have experienced these already, and can only imagine they worsen!

So, for the record, I shall not conform or be tamed. I shall continue to act a fool, guzzle beer and wear Leather in at least one form. Rock’n’Roll will continue to be my deepest love……….closely followed by rum!

Look at Kate Moss, Alison Mosshart, Vivienne Westwood and Emmanuelle Alt! All ladies who have left their 20’s but still continue to rock the hell out of it!

So when people have asked me what I want for my birthday I tell them simply, “Anything Monochrome, Rock’n’roll or Leather!”

And just in case they get a bit stuck, I have provided a few ideas (Wink Wink!)


Zara Fringed Leather Jacket
Estee Lauder – Modern Muse
Zara Super Skinny Ripped JeansChanel Nail Polish – Noir and Vamp
Zara Leather Messenger Bag with Chain
Michael Kors Slim Runway Black Watch
Office Kandy Point Two Part Black Suede
Topshop Slim Blazer
Christian Louboutin So Kate Pyhton Crystal



Riverisland Cream Embellished Crop Jacket
Black Snake Leather Look Pencil Skirt
Topshop V Front Wrap Back Shell Vest
Topshop Textured High Neck Tunic
Viktor & Rolf – Flower Bomb
Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent
Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit
Zara High Heeled Leather Boots
Zara Croc Print Clutch
Zara Drapey Coat with Ribbons

I don’t intend on calming down any time soon and with this whole collection of “I’m 30 and what?!” clothes, I am ready for it!